About us Tweaking the nipple of convention

Yes, we're strange! But if we weren't strange we'd be like everyone else.

We're passionate about what we do - this is what we do for shits and giggles.

You can have that passion and excitement as part of your team!

George Boyd Ratcliff


Uber geek who started programming on punched cards (poor old man)! George is into software (big time) but also enjoys microcontrollers and electronics. He has been fitting Poppy his cat with sensors (and she's getting royally pissed off with it I can tell you)

Jane Doe


The picture of Jane has been removed due to UK censorship laws

  1. 2013


    Mobile is now a big part of everything we do - and the internet of things is promising to be a similar shift (and maybe even a bigger shift)

  2. 207


    Qube to iDroidApps

    A fresh new start for the way the market is changing from web to mobile

  3. 2011


    Qube Technology

    Our move back to the UK from The Netherlands, and the move from desktop applications to web

  4. 207


    Q4 BV

    Established in The Netherlands to provide technical services to IBM, Digital and Hewlett Packard