Nissan Europe

Alliance Connect & Homologation Portal

It is not widely known that Nissan and Renault have a close working relationship. Between them, Nissan and Renault sell one in ten cars worldwide. Nissan and Renault have a strategic partnership to share technologies called the Alliance (even as non-Treckie's this still causes a chuckle).

We worked on Alliance Connect, a massive SharePoint farm to provide customised teamspaces to various departments. This was a standardised team site, with a feature-set that allowed a broad range of functionality, while remaining supportable (there were 1000+ sites) and upgradable in the future. An intranet based application was made, and the site could be provisioned within the day.

We also developed the Nissan Homologation Portal, a large secure document library providing access to vehicle homologation documentation. The documents numbered 75,000+ and required a strucuture, metadata and of course security restrictions (Nissan body builders wouldn't necessarily have access to Infiniti documents). We developed utilities to scan the existing PDF-based documentation and generate metadata, and another to upload the documentation into the new site (along with it's metadata).