SharePoint Don't right: Fantastic     Don't wrong: Nightmare

We have worked with SharePoint since version 2003, and have experience of 2003, 2007, 2010 and now 2013.

SharePoint is a massive and complex product (actually it's a number of large complex products joined together). Used in the right place it is incredibly powerful, but used in the wrong place it's a nightmare!

iDroidApps have worked on some truly massive SharePoint projects:

  • An 80,000+ document extranet for Nissan Europe
  • The Essex County Council content publishing website
  • A 4,000 site farm for Renault

as well as a number of smaller (but just important to our customers!) projects.


With SharePoint there is no substitute for experience - knowing what will work, and the areas where you're just asking for trouble! That prior knowledge can save a project months of heading in the wrong direction, huge costs, and ultimately a site that's a "house of cards" (one change and it all comes tumbling down!)


Our development experience covers almost every aspect of SharePoint, from complex back-office changes, workflows, client-side library, powerful webparts, and powerful apps.

With our experience comes a large number of contacts, and resources we can draw on.


If you have a nightmare SharePoint installation we would be happy to tame it for you (though probably not with a chair and a whip).